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Our business directory has a selecton of Printers companies and services in Chelmsford and surrounding areas.
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Finding An Affordable Online Printing Company
It can be a difficult decision as to what printing service to use for your printing needs, but there are methods towards finding some of the best deals. It is simple to purchase custom printing items by searching for online printing websites. You can find discount-priced printing whilst receiving top quality colour and image printing. […]
Choosing The Right Paper GSM For Your Printing
One question you need to answer before ordering any flyers or leaflets is, what thickness of paper do i need? Printers get all technical and use funny terms such as GSM. It is a common method to specify the 'thickness' (and as a result, quality) of a sheet of paper by measuring it's weight in terms grams per square metre (GM or GSM)
A quick guide to Pantone Matching System
In an earlier blog post regarding the difference between RGB and CMYK, we referred to the different types of colour development seen in printers, which were the basic (and classic) RGB scheme (Red, Green, Blue), and the newer, more detailed CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black). Going further on the scale of development and detail, though, […]
To Print You Need To Know About The Bleed
You may have heard the expression 'Bleed' whilst looking for a professional printing company. The bleed is an essential part of creating artwork ready for print. Professional designers make sure that the background elements on every design have been extended (or 'bleed') making sure the background elements and images go beyond the document size by around 4-6mm. This is needed to prevent unwanted white borders around the edges of your printed leaflets, flyers or business cards.
Can I supply my artwork as a Microsoft Word document?
No. Microsoft Word is capable of creating some complex layouts for brochures, newsletters, flyers and similar that will print great to your desktop printer, but it is not a professional design program. If you don’t require high volume printing, Word may work fine for all your needs. On the other hand, Microsoft Word is not designed for creating digital files for commercial printing.
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