Published On: Mon, Jan 28th, 2013

Winter Blues…You CAN Beat it!!

Are you feeling a bit down in the dumps? No motivation? Low energy? You, like many others, may be suffering from the Winter Blues. With the cold weather, the short days and long cold nights, a lot of people struggle to find things to smile about. But worry no more!! Here are some top tips to beating the winter blues….

1. EXERCISE After Christmas, a lot of people decide to get fit as one of their new year resolutions. Research shows that exercise can not only make you healthier and get you fit, but can release feel good chemicals that can improve your mood. It’s a great way of releasing stress and forgetting your worries for a while. There are so many clubs and classes to join locally that are fun to do and you will meet new people and make some new friends too!!

2. SLEEP – Sometimes, the idea for curling up on the sofa, or going back to bed, seems like a great idea when it’s cold and raining outside. It’s not really practical, is it!! There are always jobs to be done. If you go out to work, your boss will not be impressed if he/she catches you napping at your desk, or sleeping in the corner. It is recommended that adults should aim to get between 7-8 hours sleep each night. Try lighting some nice candles, run a bubble bath and read a good book.

3. HEALTHY DIETThe thought of eating healthy when your feeling down and depressed may not make you want to jump for joy, but it can have a postitive effect on your mood. Try to avoid refined and processed foods, such as, white breads, rice, and sugar. These foods are not only lacking the nutrients your body needs, but they can zap your energy levels which will affect your mood. This can cause you to feel depressed, have lack of concentration, and give you mood swings. Try to include more complex carbohydrates into your diet, like whole wheat breads, brown rice, veggies and fruit and not forgetting to drink plenty of water. By eating healthier foods, you give your body and mind the nutrients it needs, and stabilize your energy levels and your blood sugar.

4. VOLUNTARY WORK – Helping other people can make you feel better within yourself. There are plenty of organisations who are looking for people to help them. By helping to cheer other people up, it can make you forget why your feeling sad. It can give your convidence a boost, increase your skills and make new friends.

5. CUT DOWN ON ALCOHOL – Staying indoors, having a cold beer or a glass of wine or two, may seem like the only answer to the next few months of gloom, but (unfortunately) alcohol is a mild depressant, so could actually make you feel even worse. Add to that, the morning after feeling of headache and sickness means drinking alcohol in above moderate use, is a big no-no.

About the Author

- My name is Kelly Sanger and I'm the Editor of The Face Of Chelmsford. I am a married Mum of 4. My hobbies are, dog training, agility, shopping, bingo, Zumba, reading and baking. I have a gorgeous Yorkshire Terrier called Ozzy and 2 cats called Angel and Elsie.

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