Published On: Tue, Feb 12th, 2013

TV Crew Arrive At Fambridge Marina

Channel 4Have you ever dreamt how much you would really like to be a movie star or on TV, but never thought it could happen? Well, dreams like this can come true!!

A television firm had been searching for the right location to film two scenes for their new drama, which will be screened on Channel 4, called Top Boy, when they found the perfect place to film, on a Marina in Fambridge, Essex.

The activity started at about 4am last Thursday morning when a team of 200 people turned up in the little village of Fambridge. There were actors, cameramen, caterers, make-up artists and security guards and the excitement of filming got started around the Marina, until about 4pm that evening when they finished filming.

The programme is about inner-city drug and gang culture, which involves young people who live on the edge of East London.

Mr Danyal Adams, 37, who lives in Crouch Road, Burnham-On-Crouch, is the manager of the marina and will have his claim to fame, as he will be starring in the programme, after being asked to be a body double for one of the actors.

Danyal’s role was to bring  in a pretend suspect package onto a boat that is called Cherion, (which belongs to a Mr Dan Archer, who lives in Althorne).

Mr Adams wasn’t the only one who will appear on TV. The Senior Bosun, Mr Adam Coleman, who lives in South Woodham Ferrers will be seen in the programme when he catches the line for the Cerion from the pontoon.

Danyal Adams said, “It looked like Hollywood had come to Fambridge. It was a novelty to be filmed. When I had to dress up as the double, I had to put all the matching clothes on and make sure the zips were the same height. They set up a high tower in the gale to get some shots up high, which left some some local dog walkers a bit confused.”

The programme focuses on two of the main characters who witness their shipment arrive, but armed rivals have followed them and so disaster ensues.

The producer of the show, Laura Hastings-Smith said, “We chose this location because we needed a small marina close to London that felt remote from the city. Filming went well, and although there were high winds, the marina looked beautiful in the cold winter sunshine.”

The programme can been seen in either August or Setember, on Channel 4.



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