Published On: Tue, Feb 19th, 2013

Pothole’s Not Going Down Well With The Public


Potholes are the bane of drivers lives, and now Essex County Council are angering road users by not repairing the numerous potholes that are appering on our roads. Vehicles are being damaged and the Council are refusing to pay out.Potholes

It was reported in the Essex Chronicle newspaper, how a student, called Emily Wakeling, had her car damaged, after going down a pothole, but the Council are not willing to pay compensation.

Steve Rogers, who lives in South Hanningfield Road, Rettendon Common, says that he has been pleading with the county council’s highways department to fix a pothole on since June of last year. He said, “If you leave it like this there are going to be accidents. Two cars ended  up in a ditch last week and there’s a hole in the hedge”. Mr Rodgers claims to have called the council twice every day last week in a bid to get action. He said, “The highways department said they were going to come and inspect the road on  Monday and promised they would get in touch with me to give me an update, but I  heard nothing from them. I have had references from this, references from last  year and it is still not sorted.”

Mr Kevin Stemp is another angry resident who has damaged his tyre on the same pothole that was featured in the Essex Chronicle paper – minutes after Emily had her accident in Lodge Road, Writtle, last November.

Mr Stemp received a letter from the Council last Wednesday, refusing compensation, and is now seeking damages in the small claims court, and said: “So the battle will commence.”

The 51-year-old, who lives in Writtle, was travelling down the road at around 8.30am when he drove into the pothole, which was in the middle of the road. He said: “The car shuddered and there was a horrible grinding sound. The tracking was out of place, the suspension had gone and there was general  wear and tear which cost me over £300. I rely on my car for my living and I cannot afford for my car not to work – and I missed an important meeting that morning where I was a key person. They did fix the pothole that day – about six hours later. But the problem is that they are saying it is not their fault, but if they are going out straightaway and fixing it, it indicates that it is a danger. Poor Emily is a student and does not have the money to be paying for the costs. Luckily, I do have the money and the acumen to take this to court, and I am  going to take Emily with me.”


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