Published On: Thu, Apr 27th, 2017

Ebay Vice President Meets up with Local Entrepreneur in Chelmsford

It’s amazing what goes on in Chelmsford city, and it’s such a great place to be that even the boss of Ebay UK likes to pop over every once in a while. He was in the city meeting with local online business partners for a catch-up, and this meeting was a grooming success.

Essex business man, Steve Sanger, was pleasantly surprised when he received a phone call from the secretary of Ebay UK Vice President. Following from that a meeting was arranged to be held at Starbucks in Chelmsford High Street on Friday 21st April. Newly appointed VP, Rob Hattrell, said he was keen to meet and listen to sellers on the Ebay marketplace and discuss what more Ebay could do for their business. Hattrell was previously boss of General Merchandising of Tesco Stores, but since has taken over as Ebay’s new UK Vice President.

The Beard and The Wonderful's Steve Sanger with Ebay's Rob Hattrell

The Beard and The Wonderful’s Steve Sanger with Ebay’s Rob Hattrell

Steve Sanger is founder and director of Webworx Limited and owner of The Beard and The Wonderful product range. Their grooming products including beard oil, moustache wax, balms, and pomades are all sold worldwide on various platforms including Ebay and Amazon. Astonishingly, all of the products are handmade, packaged and shipped from his own home by himself and a handful of part-time workers.

The main talking point of the meeting was to discuss what direction Sanger has planned for his company and how Ebay could help with it. Hattrell asked Sanger what could Ebay improve on, from the seller’s point of view, and explained his intentions of expanding the range and variety of items that are sold on the auction website.
He believes that Ebay could be the number one place to find nearly everything, for example, “an Apple phone in perfect condition, to the same phone but secondhand or even the phone parts”.
He compared this to Ebay’s biggest competitors, Amazon, who apparently have resistances and limitations of what can be sold on the site. Amazon seem keener to promote the bigger, well-known brands who use their site, whereas Hattrell wants to help out smaller businesses and entrepreneurs grow and thrive with Ebay, as well as accommodation the more established brands.
The effects of Brexit on SME’s was also raised and was not met with the doom and gloom you might expect. Sanger ( who recently was featured in an interview with the Guardian newspaper – The SMEs cashing in on the weak pound ) said that the weak pound offered good incentives to foreign buyers who could purchase huis beard products at a lower cost, making them more attractive than homegrown products.

The conversation turned to the development of Ebay itself and how more and more buyers and sellers are using Ebay’s mobile app for convenience. Surprisingly, the general demographic of Ebay users are typically Men around the ages of 40, however the younger generation are soon catching up. A large percent of people nowadays want convenience over good deals, and now you can do the majority of tasks through the use of a mobile phone or tablet; you can check your bank account, order food and items, communicate with friends, track your Uber, all without doing little more effort that tapping your phone screen. Hattrell wants to improve the use of the Ebay app, making it even more easier and accessible.
As the meeting came to a close, Sanger commented “It’s great to see someone at his level putting real effort into listen to growing businesses, it good to know we’re supported and I look forward to working with Rob and others from Ebay in the future”.

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- My name is Kelly Sanger and I'm the Editor of The Face Of Chelmsford. I am a married Mum of 4. My hobbies are, dog training, agility, shopping, bingo, Zumba, reading and baking. I have a gorgeous Yorkshire Terrier called Ozzy and 2 cats called Angel and Elsie.

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