Published On: Tue, Feb 5th, 2013

A Serious Mistake At Hospital Is Under Investigation

Both Broomfield and Basildon hospitals are under investigation due to an operation on a patient goes wrong. The medical staff had filled the forms incorrectly, which meant the wrong part of the patient’s lung had been removed.

Broomfield HospitalUrgent investigations at the two hospitals have been launched to find out how this serious mistake could have happened to the female patient.

The woman, who should have had the top part of one of her lungs removed, has survived the blunder, but she has not been named yet. She had been referred from Broomfield hospital to Basildon’s specialist heart unit.

The surgeons from the cardiothoracic centre had removed an area from the lower part of the lung, which should not have been touched.

The mistake is classed as “wrong site surgery” is now being investigated as a “never event” – one of 25 major incidents deemed inexcusable within a hospital, according to the Department of Health. Basildon Hospital

A Basildon Hospital source, who did not want to be named, said: “It appears that the medical notes that came with the patient from Broomfield had been filled out incorrectly and showed the wrong area of lung to be operated on. Afterwards Broomfield said that was the wrong area.”

A spokesman for Broomfield Hospital, which is run by Mid Essex Hospital’s Trust, said: “The trust is aware of this incident, and in line with it’s internal safety and governance policies, a full investigation is being carried out, and will review it’s internal clinical procedures following this investigation. Mid Essex Hospitals is one of the top performing trusts in the east of England and treats all issues of patient safety and care extremely seriously.”

Dr Steve Morgan, Basildon and Thurrock Hospital Trust’s medical director, said: “In December there was an incident of wrong site surgery. External reviews are taking place into that serious incident. No one has been suspended and the nature of the incident is rather complex.”

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