Published On: Fri, Jan 25th, 2013

Essex Jailbreak – Fundraising Event

The Essex Jailbreak 2013 is now open for entries. The annual event will run this year on Saturday 20th April, from HM Prison Chelmsford.

Essex Jailbreak2Teams of four make their dastardly plans in order to make their escape and get as far away as possible in just 15 hours! Plan ahead, beg, borrow and blag to give your team the advantage! The only rule is that you can’t spend any money on your escape.

It’s a great opportunity for clubs, friends, businesses and teams to have fun while raise money for two good causes – Essex Boys & Girls Clubs and the charity of the team’s choice. Essex Jailbreak

The event is run by Essex Boys and Girls Clubs to raise funds for the positive work they do with vulnerable young people and voluntary youth groups in Essex.

Advance planning can result in the blagging of free transport, food and accommodation, as well as support from the press and celebrities. Last year’s winners reached Brussels after ‘hijacking’ a car at banana-point then hot-footing it to Dover where they blagged a Eurostar ticket to Belgium for an evening of Belgian beer! The car belonged to a security firm who live-tweeted as they tracked them using the car’s GPS. This year the team has already started making plans to get even further.
But distance isn’t the only way you can win… the 2012 Most Innovative Escapees got hold of free bus tickets to Southend where they went 27 miles on rollercoasters, while the 2012 Unpowered Award went to the cyclists who went to Buckingham Palace to deliver a birthday card to the Queen.

To enter, download an entry form from or contact Juliet Townsend on 01245 264783 or

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